Consumer Complaint Response Program

Complaint management has become a critical business element.  Learn what you need to do to protect yourself in this FREE on demand webinar. 

Organizations need to effectively address and evaluate consumer data and have properly implemented tools to navigate this sticky area.  Success in complaint management is not a problem, it's a system and it simply needs a little focus and commitment.  This webinar covers:

  • Complaints are our compass - a window into the CFPB and a definition of a complaint
  • Social media vs a specified channel - handling complaints the right way
  • Record, Respond, Resolve, Remediate - how to structure your Complaint Management System
  • Handling complaints is just good business - where customer loyalty and data merge

Compli has teamed up with national expert Dave Sierk, COO at Dealer Gripe, to deliver Part 4 of this 6 Part webinar series on the details of the CFPB guidelines for your dealership and/or financial institution.


Compli CFPB Webinars Series
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