2014 GRC 20/20 Value Award

TriColor Auto Group's Approach to Policy & Training

How Tricolor Auto Group Achieved Value in Policy & Training Management

With today’s complex business operations, global expansion, and the ever changing legal, regulatory and compliance environments, a well-defined policy management program is vital to enable an organization to effectively develop and maintain the wide gamut of policies it needs to govern with integrity.

With many locations and plans to expand into new markets, Tricolor Auto Group was managing compliance obligations and policies manually: using paper-based documentation and conducting training from three-ringed binders.

Compli has allowed Tricolor to transition from a manual paper-based compliance, policy and training system to a cloud-based process that meets the communications needs of bilingual employees as the company expands to new states, encounters additional compliance regulations, and faces complex employee onboarding requirements.

GRC 20/20 has recognized Compli and Tricolor Auto Group with a 2014 GRC Value Award in the domain of Policy & Training Management.



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