Compliance Audit

When you have employees and managers inspecting their own work, they can either miss or hide the truth.  The key is an independent, objective audit.

Watch this webinar to learn how a Compliance Audit fits in as part of the CMS within the CFPB guidelines.  We also discuss why Audit is an independent function and how it provides a review of operations for compliance with legal requirements, policies and procedures and gives a comprehensive scope into the effectiveness of a CMS.  This webinar covers: 

  • Why a robust audit function is an independent report card on how well your operations are being managed to your policies 
  • The need for an independent audit function
  • Hiring and managing auditors
  • Using audit results effectively 

Compli teamed up with national expert Michael Benoit, Partner at Hudson Cook, to deliver Part 5 of this 6 Part webinar series on the details of the CFPB guidelines for your dealership and/or financial institution.

Compli CFPB Webinar Series
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