Demystifying Your Compliance Program

What Your Financial Partners Are Looking For.

A sound compliance program: It’s both smart and required, not just by the CFPB but by your financial partners as well.

So, how do financial institutions gauge the quality of your compliance program?

Watch this on-demand webinar from Complí as we help demystify the vetting process lending partners use to evaluate your program.

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Evaluating Your Compliance Program:
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what you can do to get your compliance house in order.

Lending institutions typically scrutinize clients by how well they can demonstrate acceptable compliance practices. If you don’t stack up, they’ll often steer clear of new relationships, and even exit existing ones. This can make it hard to do business, to say the least.

Brian LarsonWatch industry advisor Brian Larson, Director at Compli, in this FREE on-demand webinar. He will clarify the vetting process financial institutions use to evaluate your compliance program including: 

- Compliance Audits 
- Consumer Complaint
- Policies & Procedures
- Legal Review, and more...  

Find your compliance gaps before others find them for you.