Keeping Compliance Requirements & Resources In Check

LaFontaine Automotive Group Case Study

While LaFontaine has seen tremendous success over the last nine years, growth has come with challenge. As the auto group grew from three stores to nine, Russell found it difficult to keep the “like family” culture alive.

This challenge was exacerbated by lack of an HR department. For a period of time, the auto group was able to muddle through with no dedicated HR staff, relying on managers to on-board, train and manage documentation for their employees. And then the Red Flags Rule hit.

“We were trying to figure out all of the rules and regulations and how we could best comply with what the government needed. After some investigation, it became clear a paper-based solution wasn’t an efficient option.”

Christine Russell, Controller - LaFontaine Automotive Group

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Problem: Paper-Based Onboarding Strains LaFontaine’s Resources and Management’s Patience

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