Auto Dealer Compliance Checklist

Is Your Dealership Compliant?

If the DOL, FTC, CFPB, OSHA or another agency shows up at your door, are you prepared? Better yet, do you know the status of all your workforce compliance initiatives?

  • Can you quickly roll out new required activities to respond to regulatory changes
  • Are you able to get the right information to the right people at the right time?
  • Are your policies and procedures written down, in digital format and easy to distribute?

If the idea of a regulatory audit makes you break into a cold sweat, this checklist is your first step in proactive preparation.

Download your FREE Auto Dealer Compliance Checklist to identify gaps within your dealership.



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Where are the gaps within your auto dealership's compliance program?

  • Do you track and document your workforce training and provide assessments for retention?
  • Is your management team able to quickly drill down into issues and receive status updates?
  • Can you easily adapt and respond to regulatory changes and implement policy?

Use this auto dealership compliance checklist to learn where you might have holes and next steps on filling them.

Find your compliance gaps before others find them for you.