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Ricart Auto Group Case Study

In July 1953, armed with a dream, and a $12,000 loan, Paul Ricart Sr. opened his first auto dealership in Columbus, Ohio. Today, Paul Sr.’s small business has grown into a dealership group that sits on more than 67 acres, houses 12 buildings and employs over 500 people. As the company has grown, so too have the risks associated with compliance.

With more than 60 years under their collective belts, the management team at Ricart has seen payment methods come and go over the years. Moving away from printing our payroll checks and using direct deposit, found they no longer had a reliable way to communicate internal information, training and compliance requirements to employees.

"We now know that every employee has received and signed off on required information and as a result, our overall compliance activity is more secure."

Rob Caruthers, Chief Financial Officer - Ricart Auto Group

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Saving More Than $90K Per Year With Compli

Problem: Paper-Based Compliance Communication Proves Risky & Unreliable

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