Termination Program Solution Brief

How to implement an effective termination initiative with automation.

Now, you can combine proven best practices, training, and technologies to create a terminations program that reduces the legal risk of letting an employee go.

That’s why we’ve created this eBook. You’ll learn tips and guidelines for:

  • Forms and policies
  • Personnel file and record keeping 
  • Training; and more

Download the Termination Solution Brief now.



Termination Solution Brief transparent.png

Termination Solution Brief transparent.png

Now is the time to create a best practice termination initiative. 

An effective termination initiative educates, reinforces, and demonstrates your company’s commitment to maintaining a productive workplace. In doing so, it lowers your legal liability resulting from wrongful terminations.

This brief gives you the blueprint to follow to develop a best practice termination initiative.

Download the Compli Termination Solution Brief today.

Learn how to do terminations right.