Trucking Checklist

Ready to lower driver turnover?

In an industry with high turnover rates, it's challenging for trucking companies like yours to hire and retain the best drivers out there to keep your business running and your trucks on the road. Understaffing hurts the bottom line and inhibits growth, so what should you do about it?

Download Compli’s Driver Hiring & Retention Checklist for transportation companies to identify the essential questions you should be asking to help your trucking company onboard and retain the best drivers.

Download the Driver Hiring & Retention Checklist today.



trucking compliance checklist - transparent.png

trucking compliance checklist - transparent.png

How do you lower driver turnover in transportation?

Ensuring potential drivers have a positive experience starting from the time they apply is the place to start. But it doesn’t end when the offer letter is signed. With this Driver Hiring & Retention Checklist, you’ll learn the questions to ask during:

  • Driver qualification and onboarding
  • Orientation
  • Safety and compliance monitoring; and
  • HR, culture, and ethics

Download this checklist today to learn how to lower your turnover and grow your transportation business. 

Retain your drivers and keep your trucks on the road.