No Dealership Wants Lawsuits.

Yet too many are at risk for them. What about your dealership?  

Lawsuits can be expensive. Seriously expensive. Sometimes even dealership-killing.

Scary statistic time: lawsuits filed against dealerships have risen by 400% since 1997. Why? The answer lies in your workforce compliance program—or lack thereof.

This guide will help you identify and begin to correct your dealership’s workforce compliance vulnerabilities—it includes:

  • Infographics: Did you know wrongful termination suits have increased by 260%?
  • Thought Leader Interviews: Employment lawyer Stephen Roppolo of Fisher Phillips shares his advice for dealers.
  • Worksheets: Two useful worksheets to help you develop anti-harassment procedures and determine if you’re properly classifying your workforce according to IRS guidelines.

Download the Workforce Compliance Guide to Lawsuits for auto dealers today.





The cost of non-compliance is high. Did you know…  

  • You are more likely to be sued by an employee than to have a fire at your facility.
  • The average court costs and legal fees when a case goes to trial is upwards of $200,000?
  • A discrimination lawsuit settlement averages $33,000.

If your dealership isn’t in compliance, a lawsuit could land in your lap at any moment. That’s stressful to think about. Let us help.

With this guide, you’ll be back on the road to compliance in no time. Button up your compliance program, download the Workforce Compliance Guide to Lawsuits for auto dealers today.

Find your compliance gaps before others find them for you.